Wiki Article Assignment

As part of the module Introduction to Digital Media, we were asked to write a Wikipedia-style article. We were each assigned a group and a topic relating to the Year of Irish Design 2015. If I’m honest, I was a little less than excited about working with a group for this project as I’m quite the perfectionist and work better alone. (but these thing’s have to be done, don’t they?) Also I am not the best with computers so when I heard the words ‘Wiki editing’, I was a little scared!

So I headed into the assignment with an open mind, only to get off to a rocky start. Unfortunately, I had trouble contacting my group in the beginning but my tutor was more than helpful and assigned me to another group. My group’s task was to research and write an article about the architecture of Thomond Bridge in Limerick city. With a passion for art and design, this did not scare me as I’ve studied architecture of buildings as part of the Leaving Certificate Art History course. My new group was very welcoming and added me to their group on Facebook where we could easily discuss our idea’s and inputs for the assignment. I found this topic to be quite interesting to research and I was happy to learn more about my city’s architecture.Being from Limerick, I volunteered to research the current issues surrounding the bridge as I have heard much about it in recent years. 

Thomond Bridge

Thomond Bridge

From local news I was already aware that unfortunately, Thomond Bridge is a common location for suicides in Limerick. Suicide has emerged as a growing problem in Limerick and the areas surrounding the River Shannon, a number of measures have been put in place by the local community to combat this. The exact number of suicides on the river is unknown a growing number of people are taking their lives by entering the river via the bridge. From my research on these current issues, I learned that numerous groups have been set up to raise awareness of these suicides and also to prevent further tragedies. These include Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol (CSPP) and the Lisa’s Light Limerick campaign. Both of these organisations do great work in hope to decrease the number of suicide’s via the bridge.

The Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol (CSPP) patrol Limerick’s bridges in order to

CSPP Volunteers at work

CSPP Volunteers at work

prevent suicides and also to provide support to those in distress or who may be contemplating suicide. These volunteered are equipped with the necessary training and patrol the bridges every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night.

Another campaign that is active to combat these tragedies is the Lisa’s Light campaign. Lisa’s Light was started by a local teenager who was personally affected by suicide. The 18 year-old started an online petition to get Limerick City and County Council to light up Limerick’s bridges. The petition received over 5,000 signatures. The aim of the campaign is to give hopeful, life affirming messages to those who may be distressed and contemplating suicide. Lisa’s Light Limerick has placed clear plastic boxes, which are lit up by solar- powered lights, to brighten up the bridges at night. Personally, I think this is a powerful and touching campaign which I believe will help people who are in dark places see that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


I really enjoyed this assignment, despite my anxieties about it at the beginning! I think that it is important that we don’t just take our city for granted and I enjoyed learning more about it from this project. I think that our Wikipedia-style article turned out quite impressive in the end. I enjoyed working as part of a group and learned that I am not as bad with computers as I thought I was. (maybe there’s a little bit of a geek in me after all!) 

Thanks and well done to Group 3! 🙂

You can read our article here.


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