Smarter Travel

In week 4, as part of our assignment for Introduction to Digital Media, we were asked to forfeit our usual mode of transport in exchange for a ‘smarter’ one. According to‘The aim of Smarter Travel is to get us all to think about how and why we make travel choices for all the trips we make.  It’s about considering the impact our travel decisions have on others and on ourselves.’ 

Raised a rural country girl in the town of Croom, Co. Limerick, there was never an abundance of choice when it came to means of transport. As walking was not an option (everything is too far away!), I relied on my parents to drive me where I wanted to go. Then when I started secondary school in Laurel Hill, I discovered a magical thing called a bus. As I had no choice in the matter, my petrol-conscious parent’s shipped me off on a 20 minute bus journey to school in Limerick city. At the beginning I hated it, but soon I began to realize it gave me my own independence when it came to getting around. As I did not drive at the time (and still don’t!), I could now get around without relying on my parents for lifts.

So when I ventured off to college at the University Of Limerick, nothing changed. I used my usual mode of transport: the bus. Although this time, it meant getting two buses to reach my destination. This was a pain in the beginning, but I’ve gotten used to it. I get on the 320 bus from Croom to Colbert Station, then walk for 5 minutes until I reach William Street where I get on the 304 bus to take me to college. I have learned that the 304 isn’t always the most efficient when it comes to punctuality but it gets me where I want to go in the end.

When I heard about this Smarter Travel assignment, there wasn’t much room for change in my travel agenda (I guess I’m already a smart traveller!) In week 4, I used my usual means of travel to get to college. Although at the weekend, my father usually drives me to my part-time job in the Crescent Shopping Centre where I work as a waitress. So in week 4, I took the 320 bus from Croom and got off at the Crescent Shopping Centre to go to work instead of using a car.

Because if you didn't take a picture, did it really happen??

On the bus. Because if you didn’t take a picture, did it really even happen??

Overall, I didn’t have to change much in week 4 to carry out this task. I realize that taking buses are much better for the environment than single occupancy driving, but I guess taking the bus doesn’t suit everyone. Walking or taking a bus may be a huge change for someone who is used to driving everywhere, but for me it’s like second nature at this stage. I hope to start driving soon, but for now I’ll keep on taking buses and saving our planet. 😛